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Beyond 2022 Vlotjes Fotografie


Curious about what I have done before? Scroll down for more!  

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Kingsday Eindhoven - Bart van Overbeeke

For Kingsday 2021 the NOS made a tour from The Hague to Eindhoven with Stella Vie, the solar-powered family car. I joined Winfried Baaijens as driver and side-kick


For the first edition of the Techrede I was asked to think along with the content and the set-up of the show. During the talkshow afterwards, I could share my vision on the role of technology and my generation in society.

Techrede event

Techrede event

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As part of the Aanjagers van Technologie I address the importance of technological advances for societal challenges. I joined the Innovatie Expo 2021 and made our own YouTube series and podcast called the Transition Tour, where I dove into the world of hydrogen. 


During my time at Solar Team Eindhoven, I got the opportunity to present almost every week, from small, selected groups to large audiences of 1000 persons. During the final months, many TV interviews followed as I was the spokesperson of the team.

Car presentation Stella Vie 2017 - Bart van Overbeeke Photography
MomenTUm TU/e - Bart van Overbeeke Photography

When I received my bachelor's degree in 2019, I was asked to inspire the 4000 visitors during the Momentum festival.  In this speech, I shared my experiences on the TU/e and the choices I made so far to become an alround engineer. 

2019-LYF lancering 1.jpg
2019-LYF lancering 4.jpg

Since 2018 I am an ambassador for Lead Your Future, an offline and online platform where young female talent and role models from the business world can find and inspire each other. During the launch of the platform and the first offline event, I hosted a discussion between companies, high school students and role models! 

Liberation040 is a yearly festival where the freedom of Eindhoven is celebrated. With a day full of bands, sun & drinks, the audience enjoyed (in a Corona-proof way!) while I act as the Master of Ceremonies


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